Friday, March 28, 2008

Orange HELL..

Well, G'morning!
Guess where I am today--AGAIN?!
The most incompatent place on earth.. (and Im not kidding)
Here, I could manage this whole store, without any help whatsoever..
I could tell the poor foolish cashiers how to ring up items, properly..
I could help the customers find what they were looking for quickly, expeditiously and happily!!
in fact-- I end up helping
people when I am there ALL THE TIME--why? you ask..well, because no one in the lovely orange aprons are EVER in sight.
I even take that huge yellow staircase and get stuff off of the
"please ask for assistance" shelving--why? you ask..well, because no one in the lovely
orange aprons are EVER in sight.
Poor Home Depot.. Incompetence is King- with a big stupid orange crown..
Luckily, I found the store manager, she was very helpful
shes got short legs, and I walk quickly when I am here-- (the shorter time length in orange hell, the better) So, I tossed her in one of those race car carts and she helped me

Here, in this section.. She was so happy to help, Huge smile and a good driver!!
Although she was too short to reach the colors I wanted, she was happy to find a nice bright pink mickey mouse ears paint sample to add to the collection of what makes her happy when shes here..She just smiles that beautiful smile, then tells mama to go to her happy place..

Which, happens to be-where ever she or her brothers are.

C'mon Rea, we are OUTTA HERE!!

vroom vroom..


Sabina said...

great post - cute shots!!!

Michelle said...

What an adorable store manager! And awfully obliging to drive your race car for you. See? Good help isn't THAT hard to find.

Sarah said...

Man our store manager up here are ugly! You got a cute one... I hate the orange store too.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Now I'm from Canada and that Orange Store is all we've got. LOL! Actually, we went to the US to buy our fridge and stove (cheaper this way and we drove it 2 hours back to our house with my FIL's pick-up truck). I was in Lowes and was completely amazed at the level of customer service there. We had "hello's and can I help you's" all over the place. The man who helped us buy our appliances really took the time. It was so nice!