Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A mild obsession...

Hello and good morning from Coastal Nest!
Here are 2 out of 3 small people I have borned at one time or another in my life. Some women call them children, I call them my little sparklers. Pure cozy love, baby..I have a little secret, they are mildly obsessed with color. yes, I said color. My Beef-we call him, here, he HAS to have the blue chair and the blue plate and bowl for breakfast--you know, to match his eyes..Hard to see the cute little chair, but its there!
Then there is this little dumplin, mildly obsessed with-- youguessedit!!
PINK, oy vey..Oh, and Dora..This little spanish girl is constantly running all over my house, and if shes not here, shes calling my girl on the phone, see? how rude..

Then we have this here, mommys obsession, Library books.

If you can, take your kids to toddler time at your library, they will absolutely love, adore, and crave to read! We have a great time and go 2 times a week.(sorry sarah for the repetition!)

go, go now and check out (ha ha) your library with your tots. Youll thank me for it..


Sarah said...

Awww look at your little people!~ That dang Dora is always at our house too. ' Cept she is always leaving her brother and sister with the apple sized eyes behind. Sheese.

I am LOVIN the library toooooooo!


Michelle said...

I have very fond memories of Story Time at the library growing up. It turned me into quite the library junkie. But I haven't even gotten a library card since we moved, and we've been here since September! This is the first time I haven't had a car, and it would just pain me not to be able to load up my arms with every, single, beautiful tome my heart desired to check out. I'd have to carry my library treasures home over a mile, and neither my back nor my husband's back would particularly appreciate that. It's a good thing there are a few good used book stores nearby, or I'd be going nuts! But it's just not the same as the library. . .

Martha said...

Your babies are too cute!