Wednesday, March 5, 2008

cuppa Joe and other stuff.

Aice unfocused photo of a lion in my yard..
I heart helleborous.. oh yes I do


Today is a day for..

The bus driver (who lost her keys yesterday, its a terrible story)

to take and pick up all 3 kids at 3 different schools

to do 4 loads of dirty laundry

to drink a few too many cups a joe joe

and to look out at my garden which, by the way-
is starting to wake up, herself, hell, with all this rain- and that teasing of sunshine
Why not?
I am happy to see her finally drag herself out a bed, like me.


PLO said...

Its me...I didn't run off with HIM, although I would sure like to. I can't believe you have things blooming, it still seems so far away from happening here!

Sarah said...

Oh I sure wish my garden was waking up - your yard looks so pretty!!

Martha said...

Oh! Your YARD!!!! Gorgeous! And I love Helleborous, too. I've heard they are tempermental, is that true?

I can't believ how lush and green everything is at your house!