Friday, March 14, 2008

43 Years

Hello Hello..Today is the Anniversary of my Mom and Dad
wow...awesome, huh?
I have had this lovely Mary Engelbreit card on my fridge for, well
17 years myself, another WOW..Here is my very VERY V E R Y
photo of the young lovebirds.Taken in a photo booth at
the Worlds Fair 1962 in Seattle.
Look at how cute they are. My oldest boy looks alot like my Daddy.
Oh, hello look at the ever sweet and beautiful Mother. Hottie!
This is perhaps my most cherished treasure of my parents.

Here they are today...

(did I mention they were in the witness protection program?)

I am not sure what really transpired while taking this photo, but I just cracked up so hard I

peed my pants when I saw this. Last Easter at my sisters house, when this was taken. I think we were celebrating the day with mimosas or was it lemondrops, anyway, I had just gotten this camera. Funny photo, eh!!

We will be going out for dinner, adults only. The honored couple, Bob and Mrs Villa, Tall painterman brother and SIL, and Lil sis (her hub has to work)

After, we will go back to the long marrieds home (where we all grew up)

and have this little chocolate beauty with a good bottle of Columbia Valley Port wine. I will be posting this recipe very soon. Easy chocolate ganache. youll thank me for it.

Mom and Dad

Thank you for being such a couple of


I could go on and on.. but,

Happy Days-for the rest of our lives.....



Denise said...

I cracked up when I say the picture you posted. Looks like something I would have taken. And that tiny photo booth snapshot is the best. My parents just celebrated their 44th anniversary.

Happy anniversary to your mom & dad.

Bristol said...

Lisa- Whata wonderful post. I love the photo of the two young love birds. My parents would have been married 47 years in August(my Dad passed April 07) It is such a special thing. My parents were together since they were a sophmore and junior in high school! I love visiting your blog, it make sme SMILE~ have a great weekend. How long have you and Bob villa been married. I have been married to non- Bob Villa for 11 years, woo hoo~

Michelle said...

That photo of your parents is priceless. Have you scanned it to have preserved copies? One of my most treasured photos is of my grandparents when they were dating in 1927--my grandma is decked out in her flapper attire and my grandpa is looking dapper in his pinstripe double-breasted suit, fedora resting on the ground next to him. One year for Christmas my mom had prints framed and matted for all of her siblings. It's a reminder that my grandpa called my grandma his "sweet 16" until the day he died.

Congratulations to your parents for 43 years! And to you and BV for 17 years! I'm eagerly anticipating our 1st anniversary in May--it's been a good year.