Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am choosing cottage...uh oh, what about resale??

I am a girl on a mission, my mission is painting the floors at the cottage nest. Now my favorite and most delicious man, you remember him, BobVilla, INSISTS that I am absolutely CRAZY. Well, if the shoe fits...
I am in the process of design mode for the old nest. I have a million things I would like to do to make it stand out from the crowd. You know what they are saying about the impending recession and all the doom and gloom in the Real Estate market. Well, Mrs Villa tosses and turns in their little queensize bed, frought with worry about this. I really, really dont want to have this be a financial burden on us, so.This floor is very similar to what I painted at our former home, I used green and cream diamonds on the diagonal in a very huge master bedroom. It turned out lovely and people really craved it. (so they said) I think this is by far my favorite out of the photos posted. Looks very cottage-y dont you think?
I also like the stripes, but..Not a good look for the coastal nest, as the rooms are long and narrow and hence the bowling alley look would be achieved, dont you think? That baby is sooo cute!!
This Black and white check is OUTOFTHIS WORLD and is a ver good look, had this in that former house also, in the kitchen. (these were those marmoleum tiles though) With bright green (tulip leaf walls) it was sharp. Changed it at the urging of the boring old real estate agent. (she still never sold it) I ador black and white- then add school bus yellow- my hearts going pitter patter!! A little to bold for a cottage at the beach though.

I also like the look of paint and stain, but we are using a high grade of plywood so I dont think this would work very well. with those beds and that RED makes it sing sing sing, especially with that little pop of yellow in the nightstand and the pillows.

Painted flooring wears so well, it mellows with age and has a very warm and delightful look to it, when done right. Its been around for many many years. Its durable and very cottage-y.

My question to you, please post, because BV and I are really wanting some answers.. would you be more inclinded to (if you were buying a beach home) want carpeting, regular roll out flooring or a painted wood floor? (considering it would be done very well and look just like above first photo)

BV and I will really take your thoughts into consideration, as we know you gals know it ALL, and everything..

I am off for a new haircut. Please let me know what you think.



ps..all photos are from cottage living website.. ;)


Cottage Magpie said...

You and I have the same taste! (And that first photo is also in the Cottage Living idea book that you really need if you don't have! It also has a bunch of pictures of Heather Chadduck's former home). ANYHoo... I wouldn't go with carpet for a beach (all that sand trapped forever), and I wouldn't do sheet flooring (definitely no resale there), so that means wood. Personally I LOVE painted floors, but would probably go with stained for the exact reason you mentioned: resale. I'm making the same choice in my own house. With plywood, though, I don't know. Probably painted would be best (and I LOVE that cream/white checkerboard). Is it just going down in big sheets? How are you going to hide the seams?

Lisa said...


I guess I forgot to state that we will be using a wood epoxy sealer for the "grout" its made of glue and sawdust, sands down great, just will give more charactor to the old place. So, before it gets painted it will be "grouted", sanded and then primed.
Now what do you think??

Laurie Anne said...

I LOVE painted floors and I'm trying to get the courage up to do one in my house. Not sure if you're "flipping" this house. If it is going to be your house then don't worry about resale. You are the one who is living there, so do what you love. Painted floors just scream cottage. Good luck :0)

Michelle said...

The painted cream/white floors are gorgeous. Very beach cottagey, very neutral, very practical. I'm picturing soft jute rugs to make the living areas cozy--but still easy to roll up out of the way to sweep up the sand. I can't wait to see what you do!

Lisa, thank you so much for the gift--it was such a day-brightener to get in the mail yesterday! The sand dollar makes me excited to explore the Washington coast this summer--my first summer as a Pacific NWer!

Lisa said...


you make it hard to give you a shout out! Where is your blog, sister? You'll have to come out to the beach this summer.Lotsa fun, I tell ya..Theres sand dollars a plenty at my beach!! BTW girls, if your interested in my coastal nest neighborhood..go to quite the place~

Michele said...

I would love the painted floors! Not a moment's hesitation. They are perfect for the beachy cottage. You have great instincts and I'd just do what you love---a prosective buyer will come along and love it, too.

Michelle said...


I don't have a blog--I got into the blogging world because of Martha's blog. (Martha's husband, Zud, is my husband's uncle, but family is family.)

Seabrook is charming! I'll add it to the list of places to see this summer. How long does it take to drive from Seattle?

Lisa said...

I use to live at Northgate (many moons ago) and it would take me 2 hours to get home from there. Once you get to Olympia and get off of I-5 the ride is gorgeous and very easy. Once you get into the big city (aberdeen) you are about 30 more miles to Pacific Beach (seabrook) so there you have it!
See you at the beach, girlfriend.

Lisa said...

PS.. its snowing like a banshee down here tonight! YAY!!!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Hands down, I would choose the painted floor. Who wants to deal with carpet and sand? Love that first inspiration pic the very best.

Martha said...

Oh HECK yeah!!! I'd totally go for the painted floor vs anything else!

I've been thinking about doing that in my kitchen.....though I really want marmoleum. It's soooo expensive, though, and Zuddy could do wood floors himself.

Also, if the new buyer doesn't like them? (but come on....why wouldn't they?) They won't have to rip anything up, right?

Oh, I'm sooooo glad you're hooking up with Michelle! Michelle? You need to get a blog!


PLO said...

Hey girl! I think painted floors are where it is at. My Mom is an interior designer, and she says it is hip...she tried to talk me in to doing it at my old house...but we moved. I think the first photo is the coolest...and most cottagey. If you carpet, you will have to worry about stains/wear...etc.

Bristol said...

Hey Lisa- Go with the painted floor, I like the first pic, very pretty. Hope your having a great week.

Mrs. Jones said...

Painted floors please!!! I hate carpet (I love walking on it, but it can never truly be cleaned). I just went to a friend's house for the first time, and she painted her stairs with a big stripe with 2 little stripes on either side like a runner. She also painted her basement cement floor, and did a black/white diamond floor in one of her rooms. It looks absolutely amazing. For the diamond floor, she said she went crazy trying to measure the lines and finally just used a square tile to mark where she needed to tape.

I have been dying to rip the nasty builder carpet off my stairs and paint them. I think that will be my summer project.

anita said...

I think the painted stripes would look GREAT if they were painted not the bowling alley-long way, but the other shorter way across the room. I think stripes would go great for the beachy look. However, the checkerboard is cute as well.

We stripped the linoleum off our kitchen floor (1920 Craftsman) and have debated staining the wood vs painting. I want painted. My husband thinks that whatever we do, we need to vacate for 3-4 days because of fumes. How did you go about doing yours? We've put it off for six months because of this, but I'd like to just do it and get it over with!