Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coastal Nest Cooks, errr, drinks....

This is coming from a good friend of mine. She likes the drink, and knows how to mix them. Now, if you dont know anything about Harbor girls, well, here is one thing to know.. We can hold our liquor, and were not ashamed to say it. If you EVER make it out here, we will definately be drinking these, because, well... just because.

Skip and go Naked Margaritas..

Very simple, very potent and most excellent with a ton of ice and salt on the rim..

1 bottle (fifth) tequila, we just use regular old Cuevro Gold
1 bottle corona beer, regular size
1 can 7-up or squirt, regular size (I like squirt)
1 frozen concentrate limeade, just frozen- heavens to betsy do not add water..

now get yourself a great big pitcher, pour in all the ingredients, stir it up so that the concentrated limeaid gets thawed, add about 3 limes, cut up and juiced right into the mix.

Rim a glass with kosher salt, nummy, the more the better.. fill said glass with lots of ice and pour yourself a drink of pure margarita heaven. This is how we like it. Alot of other (sissys who cant take it) add 2 coronas and 2 squirts, go ahead, It will still be excellent.

Just dont forget to take the mittens off of your teeth tomorrow before you take the kids to school... mmmmmmmm good.

There will be no photographic postings of this cocktail, as because of its name, most photos would come back to haunt me..


tricia said...

Here in FL that recipe is called "white trash margaritas." I think I like skip and go naked better.

Sarah said...

Margaritas are my absolute FAVORITE beverage, although I do not think I could "hang" with you gals. After being pregnant for virtually 4 years, well I am a pansy-ass when it comes to drinking. One of these would probably put me to bed for the evening... not to say that I wont' try!

Martha said...


Mrs. Jones said...

Mmmmmmmm, that sounds very good. I will be trying this recipe, because Margaritas are my very favorite drink.

I did a post on my blog explaining the grocery game for ya. It is really very easy, and you can save a ton of money. (you don't even have to cut all the coupons).

Have a great day!


Michelle said...

I'm such a lightweight these days. I have a limit of two glasses of wine or two beers, so Skip and Go Naked would be a very fitting name for me with one of these in my system!

PLO said...

When I come for the crab-o-rama we will get along fabulously because I too can hold my liquor! Only one problem, I only drink Bacardi.