Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Winter White..... Hey Mo, HEY MO~!

For the love of WHITE!!!!!

Well, well, my little friend Angela at Cottage Magpie has had quite an influence on me tonight, its not enough that early this afternoon, I went traipsing around to find the blog that showcased her today, and sang her praises to my new friend Kim @ todays creative blog, now shes got me taking photos of all my winter white. WINTER WHITE?? White in general, is my fave! I dont care if its vintage white, crisp white, crackly white or dirty white.. not to mention white crackle, white ironstone or white painted wood... I CRAVE it! a girl can do so much with it. Didnt you know that whites the new black? ha ha. No, I think whites the new beige, or cream, better yet.

I have been using it since my first ever owned home. I still have a few of those pieces today. I am sure I will never part with...#1 my lovely colums stacked by some decorating books. Cherish these, had them in the shop for 2 years, no one even looked at them..LOVE LOVE LOVE the white shelf, this is now in my kitchen, was periwinkle blue (again @ the shop) its made out of metal and I find it absolutely perfect where it is. These are a few of my most coveted white treasures..

My best to all you girlies tonight, are you decorating, or lurking about the blog world? We just got done hooking up our (hubby-me) Christmas present to eachother. New Sony receiver, cd player and bose speakers, needless to say, WE irritated the neighborhood- and our children...
All enjoyed listening to a few songs from ABBA, ACDC,METALLICA, and last but not in any way least, some fantastic OLD Elton JOHN!!!

Hey cottage nest, I think I might have found my groove. Ever exercise to metallica???? WEE HEE!! bang that head girlfriend!!!-- I know, I know, Its the 80s baby- Ill be forever stuck between Motley Crue and George Michael (oh no, such a tough spot!!!)

Nighty night!!


Cottage Magpie said...

You're ON! The birds are mine. MINE! :-) Ha ha ha. Your comment (and this post) have me laughing out loud! Love it! And your photos are, without question, beautiful! I wish you lived a teensy bit closer! L0(
~Angela :-)

Cottage Magpie said...

P.S. I love your new banner photo!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Ha, ha, ha! Whatever works for you girly!

I love all of your white. I never tire of it either.

Bristol said...

Lisa- I love all the white decorating. I love the EAT flashcard. I have been obsessed with silver lately. Yesterday I went to my favorite little store which is a distance so I don't get there often. I found 3 vintage pieces she sold to me for 5.50, my find for the week. I love this time after Christmas, everything in my house gets rearranged!
Talk to you soon Lisa, have a great week~~~

Anonymous said...

Winter white is lovely but what I want to know is what color is that pretty yellow wall in the pictures? Any idea the brand and shade? It's precisely the color I'd like to pair with rose and buttercream in my girls' new bedroom this spring.

Martha said...

Haaaaa!! Motley Crue and George Michael!! Yes! I totally "get" you, Girl! And there's NOTHIN' like a little Mettalica, now, is there?

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Adla said...

Hi there,

Stumbled across your blog from the winter white list.what a beautiful array of white you have, love your collection. Like you, I like my whites in all it's shades.Wishing your son a happy birthday too!

Adla at