Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Creating coastal casual...


For all of you that are wondering how the old beach house is coming, I have a few ideas I am kicking around, since it is time to get that project up and running again. I am not sure how many have read about the condition of the "said property" when we purchased it. It needed extensive foundation repair- WWWAAAAAYYY more than we were expecting, so posts and beams have taken the place of beauty- thus far, and taken a large, beastly bite out of my dreams for a stylish, hip coastal retreat. sigh...

Steve is off of the overtime list at the good old post office and going to be channeling all of his "extra" and "family" time into getting this baby electrified, heated and plumbed so our children may come out there with us while we work. It has not been in any kind of condition for any child with a dislike for the cold, wet, windy weather that has been coming out of the Pacific Ocean these winter days.

I adore the huge subway tile look, especially white tile with dark grout. The cottage will have an open concept with peaked cielings and exposed beams. Remember, its very tiny, the whole thing is about 1000 square feet (thats including 2 bedrooms)

I am wondering if I could achieve this subway tile look a different way, I was thinking if painted a faux tile back splash in the kitchen and used a glazing compound over the top, for the shine effect. It might look pretty snazzy, and for alot less money. whatdoyathink? I am also thinking that I am going to use a high grade of plywood for the flooring do big squares on the diagonal in warm browns and creams and then distress the heck out of it with crackle and wire brush. I know its a daring look for a flip, because a vanilla shell is what appeals to alot of people, but I want to get the most out of this house, there are NO homes out at Pacific Beach that are in this location that sell for under $ 300K. For the investment of $120 I really want to make bank.

I know the dear magpie will have suggestions galore, so let them rip. I am up for anything, girls. All suggestions are appreciated. (although I have made up my mind, me thinks)...

Its only paint, and time-- which I have alot of lately. Have a day, girlfriends!!



Bristol said...

So are you guys selling the cottage after you renovate? Wow you guys could do good. I like the idea of the tiles. Don't have any suggestions because I am the worst painter on the face of the earth~~~~~ Hopr Ryan had a good 11th year. That is a good year!! Wish him well again.
Talk to you soon

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I love your ideas for the floor. Love that inspiration picture too. I will have subway tile one day. There will be no substitutes for me!