Friday, December 28, 2007

A time for Relaxing and enjoying eachother..

I hope that everything in your lives is going smoothly and the Christmas days were filled with love and laughter with your family and friends. We have been busy here at the Coastal Nest, and now it is time just to sit back, unwind and have a laugh or two. Put together some Lego's, read great new books and just honor the time of family togetherness. Wow, I got teary eyed just typing that...

I am happy to report that Santa was just a great a present giver as ever, here. He was very generous to the children and left wonderful surprises for everyone. Sweet Rea got a wonderful old fashion Kitchen that Santa had quite a time putting together, until wee hours of the morn. (hehehe) I told him to get a start on it earlier. Crept into bed @ 2:20am. What a love. She hasn't came out of her room almost since we took it up there. The boys, bless them, are LEGO FANATICS-- I love the fact that 8 years difference just melts away when they are in legoland together. The boys just play and play and play with those little pieces, building fortresses, going on mars missions, just incredible imaginations. Added bonus..quiet time for mommy.

I love it just after Christmas, being in retail and owning a small business, you REALLY don't get to enjoy the pre time as much as the post time. Although, yes, you who have been with me a while know, that this year has been much different than last year, with the weather and all its devilish tricks that it dealt us here in Washington state. It has been a year, say the least.

We have been having family night movies here, watching great old Christmas shows, including Its a wonderful life, which STILL makes me cry, all the little kids shows from the early 70s, and of coarse, never to be left out my favorite Griswold movie, Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase is the very funniest. He is so SO hysterical!!! All those relatives are just the BEST. Cousin Eddy in that leisure suit, LORD! or that black dickey under that white sweater knocking down the Christmas
decorations, gulping down the eggnog in those wally world eggnog cups. CRACK UP!!!

We will be around, enjoying the Christmas lights and Tree, eating all the Christmas treats, loving all the family togetherness and waiting to greet Baby New Year, I, for one am ready to toast 2008.
All the best--


Kellie said...

Hi Lisa,
I so love "Christmas Vacation" too -- especially the scene with Cousin Eddy in his bathrobe emptying his trailer toilet into the sewer! Priceless!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for keeping that Christmas tree up!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Lisa- I'm so glad you are having a wonderful Christmas season with your family. It sounds perfect!

Bristol said...

Lisa- Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. None of Griffin's toys have made it up to his room yet::((
I have been off for the past two days, and it has been a dream. Customers get so nasty with returns, it is really sad. Glad to be away from it for a couple days!!!
I hope that you have a wonderful New Year!