Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its Christmas time at my house!

Merry Christmas! As I was sitting here this morning with my cuppa coffee in hand enjoying all of my decorations, I thought I might share a few views of my home with you all.
At my sink are my very favorite pieces. The Santa's that are here I just adore, especially my Nancy Thomas articulated Santa smoking a pipe on the black and white block. He has so much soul I think he might get up and walk around and check his list twice! My tree, all 9 feet of her, I adore my ornaments! Especially the ones my kids have made over the years
Dining room chandelier adorned with alot of vintage and a few of my Grama Marys ornaments. These are treasures to me. I love the way this looks, photo makes it look washed out.
This Snowman and reindeer have been with me most of my married life and still adore them as much as I adore my hubby!
This candleabra is taller than me as it stands on my sofa table here. This is not the best decorating job on it, I really could have done a much better design, but- I wanted to get it done, so here she is for this year.
I hope all of you are enjoying your cozy nests and the beauty of the season. My best to you and yours for a much blessed holiday with family and friends.
Merry Christmas Everybody!!


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Love your decorations Lisa! I especially adore that whole window sill with the reindeer and the snowman. I would love to look at that everyday.

wovenheart said...

Hi Lisa!

I've been wanting to send a quick note your way but have not been able to remember my google password...finally found my cheat sheet! Anyway, just to let you know that I've been thinking about you and your family. Your attitude is amazing and will get you far!

May your holidays be blessed with your wonderful family surrounding you with lots of love!

Merry Christmas~!~Dona

Lisa said...

Hi Dona,
Thanks for the sweet post, I appreciate them, especially from a fellow nwstr! I hope all is calm and all is bright at your house, I am getting in the spirit, as you probably are, Merry Best Christmas to you and yours!!!!

Bristol said...

Lisa- Love your decorations, Very pretty. I think we have similar taste. Are your kids getting ready for the big day next week. I know I am ready for it to be over. it is this week that people start to get nuts at the store!!!
Hope you are doing well. Keep Smilin'~~~~~~~

Sarah and Jack said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Everything looks beautiful at your house.

I scrolled down a few posts and oh my, what a mess that storm made, eh?