Friday, September 14, 2007

to the beach

We have purchased a real "fixer upper" out at the beach this summer. These are a few of the photos of the beautiful drive. I am going to try to post progress, as slow as it might be. If you are interested. I absolutely cannot wait to get to the decorating, although boring things like roof and foundation work will come first. zzzz. Hubby insists, and I know he is right.

The Red Barn Farm usually has horses a plenty out with young cowgirls tending to them. Not today though, I wonder where they are hiding.

The river photo (these photos were taken going 50 mph, remember) is a very nice river to go floating down in the summertime.

One of my favorite things, the old school house is the photo taken through the truck windows, again going 50 or so mph. This old building has always been intriguing to me even when I was small. I am not sure who owns it now. Obviously not a school anymore. Wouldnt it make a wonderful home? I will try and get more photos of it when the dear hubby isnt in such a rush to get to the cottage.

The first peak at the Pacific as we round the corner to the cottage. I love that shot.

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